Watermark is an ongoing series of events and performance actions in which we visualize, experience and mark the potential Seattle waterfront—a shoreline created when applying a 20-foot sea level rise due to global warming to the current topography. For each performance, participants walk the line of the future shoreline, sometimes marking it with different materials such as seeds or water. The idea is to help each one of us envision a possible future and some of the ramifications of climate change. While we cannot predict exactly what the impacts of climate change will be, we seek to use the power of imagination in order to acknowledge the possibilities and open up new ways of thinking about our impact on the planet. We hope that through this process of visualization, we can create a call to action.


April 8, 2008
Tuesday, 9:00 – 10:30 am: Tour for the AIA “What Makes It Green” Conference

E.P.A. (Environmental Performance Actions)
March 15 – May 3, 2008
Opening Saturday March 15, 7-9pm
Exit Art New York, NY

August 9, 2007
Thursday, 5:30-7pm: "Underwater Tour" in Pioneer Square

August 11, 2007
Saturday, 4-6pm: "Watering the Urban Desert" walk into SODO

August, 2007
Documentation of April 2007 performances including a video and postcards from the new Seattle waterfront were included in the SOIL Art Gallery show “Groundtruthing”

April 21, 2007
Earth Day walk and tour of the new Seattle waterfront, route from the Olympic Sculpture Park to Pioneer Square’s All City Coffee

April 14, 2007
This walk and meditation launched Watermark, and was part of the internationally coordinated series of events called Stepitup2007 that called for action on local, national and international levels to stem the effects of climate change.